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Managing Formaldehyde in your Home

By EARTHEASY.COM How to minimize risks associated with formaldehyde exposure: 1. Establish a no smoking policy in your home. Cigarettes and other tobacco products should not be used inside the home. There are many toxic effects of exposure to cigarette smoke, including exposure to formaldehyde, and evidence continues to mount concerning the health effects associated […]

New Jersey State Code Status and History

Current Commercial Code Uniform Construction Code (NJAC 5:23-3.18) Based on ASHRAE 90.1-2013 Passed 9/21/2015, effective 3/21/2016 ✔ Can use COMcheck to show compliance. Current Residential Code Uniform Construction Code (NJAC 5:23-3.18) Based on the 2015 IECC Passed 9/21/2015, effective 3/21/2016 ✔ Can use REScheck to show compliance. Code Adoption and Change Process Code Change Process Legislative and Regulatory Process: The […]

NAHB Study Reveals What “Green” Means to Home Buyers

September 21, 2015 What do consumers think of green homes? And, what are the most important elements of a green-built home? Builders and other industry professionals now have an opportunity to find out what green means to home buyers with a new publication from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). NAHB’s publishing arm, BuilderBooks, recently […]

Is It a Gyroscope or Sculpture?

A Marriage of Technology and Tradition in Framing. “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Green”

Future of Framing is here  Advanced framing takes some planning Here are some rules: Frame walls with 2x6s on 24-inch centers rather than 2x4s every 16 inches can save a lot of wood and increase the energy performance of a house because it makes more room for insulation. Stack the framing Aligning framing members between floors […]

25 Ways to Stay Sane in a Small House

Get more storage, better light and a feeling of spaciousness with these savvy — and sometimes surprising — strategies By: Mitchell Parker       Houzz Editorial Staff. Small houses can be cozy. But sometimes the walls can feel like they’re closing in. That’s why you’ve got to do everything you can to stay sane in your […]

Water Towers Rise Again — See Their New Shapes and Uses

Emptied of water, these structures are now being filled with furnishings to add living space and take advantage of the views Mary Jo Bowling Houzz Editorial Staff; writer, reader, serial remodeler. At the end of the 19th century, home water towers were all about function. Back then they were used to collect and store water, […]

Some Things are Cool and Some are “Wicked Awesome.”

Forms in Nature Forms in Nature. The Light sculpture Forms in Nature resembles Darwinist Ernst Haeckel’s drawings . Using a simple action, such as intensifying the brightness at the center of the artwork, the light transforms the space and adds character, as the work throws oversized shadows onto walls and ceilings in the space in which […]

Roots of Style: Classical Details Flourish in 21st-Century Architecture

Columns, friezes, cornices … if your home has features like these, it may have been influenced by ancient designs Steven Randel Houzz Contributor. Steven Corley Randel has practiced architecture in California… More  Ancient Greece and Rome obviously provide the origins of classical architecture. What makes the subject relevant today is the high number of buildings and […]

Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

Downsize with less compromise: Celebrate the positive, pare down thoughtfully and get the most from your new home During a time when everyone seems to be downsizing, I thought this article by Laura Gaskill was important to post.  In the Green Building Pyramid, less is often better as it relates to the size of a […]