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25 Ways to Stay Sane in a Small House

Get more storage, better light and a feeling of spaciousness with these savvy — and sometimes surprising — strategies By: Mitchell Parker       Houzz Editorial Staff. Small houses can be cozy. But sometimes the walls can feel like they’re closing in. That’s why you’ve got to do everything you can to stay sane in your […]

These Surreal Photos Prove Nature Can Handle Its Own Photoshop

I thought you  might enjoy these pictures, they are from The Huffington Post  By Sara Boboltz   |  Posted: 01/03/14 EST Nature is weird. Sometimes it’s even like a bizarre mix of real and fantasy! To see what we mean, take a look at these strangely surreal photos of some very curious natural phenomena below: Bolivia’s otherworldly salt flats. When Salar […]

Garden for Wildlife to Reap Rich Rewards

When you plant with animals and insects in mind, you make gardening easier, the planet healthier and yourself more present Here are 13 ways you can garden on a different level  Benjamin Vogt / Monarch Gardens   1. Garden by region, not zone. Gardening for wildlife almost invariably means gardening with native plants, because insects and […]