The Green Building Pyramid

Green Triangle

(Click on image to enlarge)

Many people ask me what it means to build “Green”.  I want to share with you a graphic that I found in October’s addition of Green Builder called  “A Homeowners Handbook (3rd addition)” .  This graphic was buried deep in the issue so I’m bringing it to the forefront to begin to answer that question.  Here are some of my key components to building “Green”

  1. Work with the land. Before you build, get a feel for the topography and use it to your ‘energy’ advantage.
  2. Don’t build more space than you need. It’s not always what to build but what not to build.
  3. Build an efficient building envelope.  Keep it simple but use todays advances in technology to create a tight structure.
  4. Reduce the home’s energy demands.  Use LED lighting fixtures, energy star appliances, a tankless water heaters and consider split system heat pumps.
  5. If possible ……. add solar.

I hope to address each of the points on the pyramid in my future posts.

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